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Our home care services in Wirral are comprised of two key provisions; domiciliary care and reablement assistance. We always aim to promote choice, independence and quality of life, and assess clients’ needs frequently so that our care will always respond to changing needs and requirements. Our staff are highly trained professionals and whatever the support you need – we always aim to meet your expectations.

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Underpinning our care are three objectives, which we always strive to meet whenever we assist a client:

  • To enable people to live as normal a life as possible in their own homes and community.
  • To provide a level of support to help people achieve their maximum possible independence and full potential.
  • To allow people an individual voice in how they live their own lives by providing tailored services which promote choice, independence and quality of life.







When we provide domiciliary care, we always aim to promote a way of life for clients which allows them to enjoy, to the greatest possible extent, their rights as an individual. Each client or their representative is fully involved and consulted in the planning of the care. We frequently care for the elderly, those who require supported living and the mentally and physically disabled. Our home care services in Wirral, can take the form of short visits of at least half an hour, or can encompass the whole day.

Some of the tasks we can assist with, include:

  • Companionship
  • Personal Care
  • Medication Support (including administering)
  • Meal Preparations
  • Housekeeping Tasks
  • Laundry Tasks
  • Shopping
  • Paying Bills/Managing Bill payment
  • Arranging & Organising Post & Administration
  • Convalescence/Respite Care

  • Sitting Services
  • Outings
  • Escorting on Social/Domestic Outing
  • Bathing Services (Bath Hoist or assisted)
  • Showering
  • Confidence Building
  • Health Related Task undertaken
  • Night Sitting (Waking or Sleeping)
  • Dog Walking
  • Safe & Well Checks

Home care services in Wirral. Domiciliary care and reablement. Elderly couple laughing.

Home care services in Wirral. Domiciliary care and reablement. Laundry.

We are proud of the fact that we regularly take part in the trusted assessor scheme with the local council. This is a position of trust, which allows us to support reviews and to reduce and increase care, which the council will use when deciding the care that an individual requires – this reduces system delays and allows more control to ensure the right amount of provision is being provided when needed.




Reablement Services

The other key service that we provide at Community Caring, is reablement, to help in the rehabilitation of individuals who have received medical treatment. With reablement, there is a committed focus on supporting the individual as they learn to adapt, so that they can become more independent. Our expert reablement teams will work with clients towards their long-term goals, through the completion of short-term tasks, so that progress can be monitored and improved.

We are primary providers and take all of the referrals from hospitals. We understand the importance of a supportive network and regularly work with nurses, physiotherapists and occupational therapists to support the individual as they develop with their treatment.


Home care services in Wirral. Reablement and domiciliary care. Man in wheelchair.




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